Extend your CRMs, Help Desks, ECMs, ESBs and more with Thru - Defense IT Solutions Inc.

Extend your CRMs, Help Desks, ECMs, ESBs and more with Thru - Defense IT Solutions Inc.

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Extend your CRMs, Help Desks, ECMs, ESBs and more with Thru

Add Secure File Sharing to Any Business Application
Thru's unmatched breadth of APIs (SOAP and REST) allows deep front end and backend integration with any business application and workflows. Add Thru file sharing capability to your existing business apps and utilize over 100 Thru API calls to tailor your file transfer needs with minimal coding.
  • Reduce integration time with front-end integration tools: authentication, upload, download, email and audit
  • Scale your large storage challenges by deploying "Thru SmartLoad Manager," which load-balances across application servers, database servers and storage
  • Fully integrate and customize your applications with Thru's Web Services API, enhancing and increasing scope and value
Integrate File Sharing with your CRMs and Help Desks
Using the Thru API, easily integrate Thru at the backend of any of your CRM or customer support applications to offer secure, unlimited sharing of any size files and folders that can be tracked and reported. Improve support productivity and customer experience:
  • Manage software logs and patch distribution via your CRM systems with 100% uptime via Thru
  • Offer an alternative to bulky customer support installations with Thru's zero footprint browser option
  • Reduce fulfilment costs with cloud-based software delivery to customers and manage entitlement the way you want from your database

API & Tools for Complex and Mission Critical Enterprise-Level Integration
Thru's continuously evolving API calls and developer tools enable companies to extend their existing business applications with Thru. Thru's flexible architecture excels at complex and mission critical enterprise-level integrations.
  • Over 130 API calls for Thru file transfer, auditing and retention, file management, collaboration and more.
  • XML-based SOAP API supports data integrity and privacy plus offers heightened security features
  • REST API supports a wide variety of data formats for improved performance and scalability
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